Independent Authors

Deri Reed offers full-scale editing services for independent authors of cookbooks and memoirs. With more than 30 years in publishing, 25 years as a freelancer, she works closely with self-publishing professionals to help shape, organize, edit, copyedit, and/or polish their work. 

Shin Kim’s Vegetarian Dishes from My Korean Home

I was lucky to have worked with Deri for my first cookbook. She asked me the right questions that I hadnt even thought of and guided me in the right direction without compromising my voice. The collaborative process in itself was a huge learning experience and I couldnt have asked for a better partner to work with. With Deris help, I was able to come out with a cookbook that carried my clear, consistent, polished voice, much better than what I thought would be possible when I started the process. Thank you so much!

—Shin Kim, Cooking teacher and author of Vegetarian Dishes from My Korean Kitchen


Cory Martin’s Love Sick: A Memoir 

I am always leery handing my work off to an editor for fear that he or she will take my writing and distill it to something so grammatically correct that it has lost its soul. With Deri, this was never the case. She got me as a writer. She understood my voice and made sure that it shined. I will definitely be trusting Deri with all my future work.
     —Cory Martin, independent author of the memoir Love Sick (2016, Write Out Publishing)



Patrick Fullan’s My Vegetarian Life  

As this was my first cookbook, I couldnt have a wished for a more experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful person to collaborate with than Deri Reed! From the text at the beginning, to the recipes being presented in a thorough and easy to understand approach, with all of her helpful queries, Deri was the person who did the most for my book to result in a finished text better than I could have ever imagined! 
     —Patrick Fullan, independent author of the cookbook/memoir, My Vegetarian Life